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Roof Wind Damage

High winds cause damage to roof even if there is not harmful weather conditions. There are many kinds of wind that can cause roof damage such as missing shingles, leaks and problems with guttering. Most shingles are designed to stand up to winds of 90 mph but roof damage can occur with winds of just 50 mph. Read on to learn more.

Wind Damage

High winds do not spread evenly across the roof service. In most situations, the edges and corners of the roof are more likely to be damaged by high winds. The wind can damage a shingle by curling it up and ripping it off the roof. This can cause leaks in the area of the roof that have now been exposed.

Lifting is another issue that can be hard to recognize. The shingles may look undamaged from ground level but a suction from high winds can have the effect of lifting the shingles in an upward direction, the nails that hold them down are loosening. When this occurs, leaks can be the result as the sealant between individual layers can be broken.

Another aspect to consider is high winds cause debris and limbs from trees can damage your roof, destoying the roof shingles and causing punctures to the roof. Also do not overlook loose items in your garden. for example, garden furniture when blown upwards by the wind can cause damage to your roof as well.

Spotting Wind Damage

  • Chimney flashing may be broken or split as it can easily be damaged by high winds.
  • Guttering can be damaged by shingles getting stuck in there and you can look out to see if you can find an excess of shingle granules in the gutter. If you see this, a roofing professional should be contacted right away.
  • As discussed above shingles can be lifted up, loosening the nails and breaking the sealents between individual layers – this can be hard to identify from ground level.
  • Also as discussed above, curling shingles cannot keep water out of the roof. Usually found at the edges and the corners of roofs, curling tiles need to be replaced.
  • Obviously heavy winds can cause shingles to be lost.
  • Roof leaks are probably the easiest to find as you will see water entering your house. If you find an area that is leaking, you should contact a roofing professional without delay.

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