If you are searching for tile roof repair, maintenance, replacement or installation near Phoenix, Mesa, or surrounding cities, our tile roofing company can help! Right Way Roofing is here to help repair leaky roofs, replace missing or broken tiles, replace tile roofs beyond repair and install new tile roofing systems.

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Tile roofing is one of the most popular options in the valley due to it’s durability and unmistakable southwestern style.  As durable as it is it will wear and you will need tile roof repair.  Right Way Roofing is a tile roofing company which offers not only the installation of new tile roofing but also the tile roof repair services in Mesa, Phoenix, ChandlerTempe, or anywhere else in the Phoenix Metropolitan area.  Whether it’s just a few tiles, replacing your tile underlayment, or if you want to replace your entire tile roofing system our team strives for the highest quality service, affordable costs, and always delivers the highest standard of customer service.  Read more about roof tile types and our tile roofing services below.

As tile roofing contractors we offer help with all services related to tile roofs including:  tile roof repair, replacement, leak detection, leak repair and installation.


We provide all types of tile roof repair services to help get your roof back in great condition. There are various types of tile roofing and all of them will need repair given time and exposure to the elements.  Wind can move tiles along with damage from falling limbs and people who need to work on your roof.  Whether it’s the TV company or a tree limb that cracks or kicks a tile loose it will lead to leaks when the rainstorms come.  See below for a full list of our tile roof repair services. Our tile roof repair services include:

  • Tile Roof Inspection
  • Tile Roof Leak Repair
  • Repair roof tiles sliding out of place
  • Repair cracked or broken roof tiles
  • Repairing /Replacing Rotten Plywood Under Eave
  • Resealing Seams
  • Repair dead valley buildup
  • Repair dead valley cracking
  • Replace/Repair Metal Flashing
  • Skylight Repair
  • Repair or install bird stop under tiles & fascia
  • Repair or replace rake edge tiles falling off
  • Reapplication Of Roof Sealant
  • Repair or replace damaged roof underlayment
  • Repair or replace tiles sliding out of place
  • Repair rotten fascia


The most common tile roof problems include roof leaks, ponding water and lack on maintenance. Another big issue is using low quality materials or tile to install the roof with. Even if the roofing contractor uses quality tiles it doesn’t mean they are experienced installing them. Material build up on roof tiles is another common problem here in Arizona. Not only that but storms and bad weather can knock tiles loose or crack them. Lastly, walking on the roof is another big cause of cracked roofing tiles.

Tile Roof Problem - Roof Tiles Sliding Out Of Place

Roof Tiles Sliding Out Of Place

Tile Roof Problem – Cracked Or Broken Roof Tiles

Cracked Or Broken Roof Tiles

Tile Roof Problem - Damaged Roof Underlayement

Damaged Roof Underlayement

Tile Roof Problem - Dead Valley Buildup

Dead Valley Buildup


Tile Roof Problem - Dead Valley Cracking

Dead Valley Cracking

Tile Roof Problem - Debris On Tile Roof & Missing Tiles

Debris On Tile Roof & Missing Tiles

Tile Roof Problem - No Bird Stop Under Tiles

No Bird Stop Under Tiles

Tile Roof Problem – No Birdstop Underneath Fascia

No Birdstop Underneath Fascia


Tile Roof Problem - Rake Edge Tiles Falling Off

Rake Edge Tiles Falling Off

Tile Roof Problem - Roof Tiles Sliding Out Of Place

Roof Tiles Sliding Out Of Place

Tile Roof Problem - Rotton Fascia

Rotton Fascia

Tile Roof Problem - Rotton Plywood Under Eave

Rotton Plywood Under Eave


Do you have a tile roof leak? If so, Right Way Roofing provides tile roof leak detection and tile roof leak repair services to fix leaky tile roofing. We know where most common places leaks start and can help inspect, find, and fix what is causing your roof to leak.  While the water you see dripping through your ceiling might not seem like much the problem in your attic can be much more extensive and add up to expensive repairs to insulation, drywall, and other materials in your home.  Avoid costly repairs to your home by getting leaks fixed as soon as they’re noticed!

Most tile roofs leak when the layer under the tile is worn out or damaged.  This layer is called the tile underlayment and is the primary water repelling layer that protects your home.

In a lot of cases the tiles simply need to be moved and a new layer of underlayment installed. We use the longest lasting underlayment which is strong enough to be a standalone roofing product.  This is much more affordable tile roof repair instead of tile roof replacement, where you buy all new tiles.


Tile roofing does eventually wear out and needs to be replaced.  When your tiles are worn out, old, and cracked it is time to invest in a new tile roof.  Our tile roof replacement service makes it easy to get the new tile roof you’re looking for.  We remove the old roofing materials and replace them with new underlayment and tiles.

Replacement Options:

  • Ceramic Tile Roof Replacement
  • Clay Tile Roof Replacement
  • Concrete Tile Roof Replacement
  • Spanish Tile Roof Replacement
  • Composite Tile Roof Replacement
  • Copper Tile Roof Replacement
  • Metal Tile Roof Replacement
  • Sand Tile Roof Replacement

R&R – Remove & Replace Existing Tile

If you tile is still in good condition we can still use it. We simply remove your current roofing tiles, replace the underlayment and put the same tiles back in place. This costs much less that replacing your entire roofing system. The average cost of removing and replacing roofing tile is about $300-$325 per sq depending on the roofing contractor you choose. *These is not an estimate, to get an actual estimate for your project, contact Right Way today.

Looking to install a new tile roofing system? Right way roofing offer affordable tile roof installation services. Generally speaking, tile roof installation costs average between $400-$1,000 per square (100 sq ft.) and come with warranties ranging between 10 and 20 years, but the tile roofing can last up to 50 years with proper care.

Installation Options:

  • Ceramic Tile Roof Installation
  • Clay Tile Roof Installation
  • Concrete Tile Roof Installation
  • Spanish Tile Roof Installation
  • Composite Tile Roof Installation
  • Copper Tile Roof Installation
  • Metal Tile Roof Installation
  • Sand Tile Roof Installation

New Construction Tile Roof Installation

Contractors typically offer new construction tile roof installation for around $350 per square. *These is not a real estimate, to get an actual estimate for your project, contact Right Way today.


There are portions of your roof that need to be maintained in order to keep your system working at maximum efficiency. Roof maintenance will help us spot potential problems in these areas before they become major issues. Maintenance will help your roof last many years longer!

Maintenance Options:

  • Replace Roof Tiles
  • Clean Up Debris
  • Fix Roof Water Leaks
  • Underlayment Repair or Replacement
  • Repair Fascia & Eave


There are many different types of tile roofing systems including:

  • Bituminous (flexible) Tile Roofs
  • Ceramic Tile Roofs
  • Composite Tile Roofs
  • Concrete Tile Roofs
  • Copper Tile Roofs
  • Metal Tile Roofs
  • Polymer-sand Tile Roofs
  • Spanish Tile Roofs
  • Clay Tile Roofs

Types Of Roof Tile

There are 3 main popular types of tile roofing in Mesa and the Phoenix Valley.  These roof tile types are clay tile, concrete tile, and sand-cast tiles.  They each have their own distinctive look and durability. Depending on what style you want for your home we will help you choose a style and color that fits best for your house and budget.




How Much Does Tile Roofing Cost?

Tile roof costs are usually determined by how many squares (100 sq ft per square) you need installed plus how much it costs (material and labor costs) for the type of tile you want.

  • The average roof in Arizona has about 24 squares (2400 sq ft).
  • The average cost of tile roofing is about $700 per square ($400-$1,000 range).

Read more about general costs below, these prices include material and labor costs. *These are not an actual estimates for your project, to get a free estimate contact Right Way today.

How Much Does Concrete Tile Roof Cost?

Concrete tile roof cost ($400-$900): $650 per square

$650 x 24 squares = $15,600 average cost to install concrete tile roofing

  • The average roof in Arizona has about 24 squares (2400 sq ft).
  • The average cost of tile roofing is about $700 per square ($400-$1,000 range).

*These are not an actual estimates for your project, to get a free estimate contact Right Way today.

How Much Does Clay Tile Roofing Cost?

Clay tile roof cost ($700-$1,000): $850 per square

$850 x 24 squares = $20,400 average cost to install clay tile roofing

*These are not an actual estimates for your project, to get a free estimate contact Right Way today.

Cost To Replace Tile Roof Underlayment?

Tile underlayment replacement costs about $436 per square.

$436 x 24 squares = $10,464 average cost to replace tile underlayment

*These are not an actual estimates for your project, to get a free estimate contact Right Way today.

Which Roof Tile Material Is The Best?

Some roofers would say clay tile is the best roof tile because:

  • Less Absorption. Clay has a lower rate of water absorption
  • Lightest Weight. Clay tiles are lighter than concrete tiles by 40%
  • Easiest Maintenance. Clay tiles are easier to clean and less maintenance
  • Better Appearance. Clay tiles maintenance their appearance longer without fading

However, we know from experience that concrete tile roofing is the best because:

  • Less Breakage. There is much less breakage
  • More Durable. Its far more durable (Clay and Sandcast break easily)
  • Less Maintenance. Not much maintenance except for keeping tiles free of debris
  • Costs Less. Less expensive to install than clay or sandcast roof tiles

What Are The Advantages Of Tile Roofing?

There are many advantages of tile roofing including:

  • Long Lasting – the most durable of all roofing materials, tile roofing can last up to 50 years or more!
  • The Look – As stated earlier, tile roofing perfectly captures the spirit of the Southwest with the natural coloring that stays consistent with its desert surroundings year round.
  • Safety – Tile roofing is naturally fire retardant and the tiles can be made to look like wood and other materials that are more flammable in order to attaining the look while avoiding the potential fire hazard. Tiles are also resistant to rot and insects.

How Often To Replace Tile Underlayment?

The tiles on your roof will probably never wear out, however the material the tiles rest on is susceptible to wearing out every 8-20 years and is difficult to reapply.

Other tile roofing companies use a cheap underlayment that rips and tears easily leaving you prone to roof leaks. Our tile underlayment is much better and can’t even be torn by the average person. Our underlayment is much more durable, will prevent leaks and last much longer up to 40 years. We offer a 30 year warranty on our tile underlayment!

If you don’t keep up with this process your roof will develop leaks and cracked tiles due to warping. The process of replacing the under lying layers involves hiring a roofing professional to come in and strip the tiles off of the material that needs to be replaced. The pro will then reapply the needed material and place the tiles back over the fresh material.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Tile Roofing?

Weight should be considered – Tile is heavy and some roofs will need to be reinforced to support the weight of a tile roof.  Many older home’s roofs are designed to support the weight of shingles and don’t have the structural integrity to support a tile roof.  We will help by inspecting your current roofing structure to ensure it is up to the job.  If it needs a little reinforcement Right Way Roofing will take care of that too.  A structural engineer will inspect the current design and design in reinforcements to ensure that your roof and home are ready to support this superior roofing material.

Free Tile Roof Repair, Replacement & Installation Estimates!

It is quick and easy to schedule your tile roof repair service with Right Way Roofing.  We proudly offer the longest lasting tile roof repair service as we use the highest quality underlayment.  The underlayment is what really protects your roof in the tile roofing system, not the tiles themselves.  The underlayment we use far exceeds the competition and can be used as a stand alone roofing system.  This is why our repairs last longer than the competition and offer every one of our valued customers the biggest bang for their buck!  We care about our neighbors in and do it only one way, the right way!  For more information about tile leak repair or tile roof repair services please give us a call or click the “request a free quote” button below.

5 Star Review: “I am so glad I discovered Right Way Roofing. They installed a new roof on my 1936 early ranch home in a historic neighborhood. And I continue to rely on them for maintenance consultations and storm repairs. Everyone I have interacted with, from the office administrator to the field team, has been knowledgeable, reliable and courteous. Their customer service is off the charts. Highly recommended.” Fraces S

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