Roof Collapse Causes
Written by AZ R

Roof Collapse Causes

A harsh, cold or wet winter can put great stress on roofs. it is important to understand what can cause a roof collapse as the structure underneath will more often than not be compromised as well. Read on to learn more.


When investigating a roof collapse it is important to determine if the roof was originally a flat roof or a pitched roof. Most collapses happen to flat roofs and an engineer will perform an inspection to ascertain the cause of the collapse in part by reviewing the designs and specifications of the roof structure. In particular he will look for what is known as additional deflection which can cause ponding on flat roofs. Obviously this adds weight to the roof, causing it to initially bend in the middle, raising the edges of the roof over time. It may also start to accumulate snow that way.

Causation Of Deflection

Some things engineers look for following an roof collapse include:

  • Was there additional maertial or devices on the roof cuasing additional stress to the roofing structure?
  • Was there what is known as a collateral load by attaching additional equipment to the memvers of the roofs structure creating an additional laod for the roof to carry that it was not orignally designed to do?
  • Was it caused by a code event? This is jargon for the cause of the collapse usally being the fault of a natural phenomena such as snow, wind or rain.

Additional Factors

  • Did the building owner make roof modifications without fully taking into account the initial capacity and design of the roof?
  • Did the roof meet the codes of the ruling governing body?
  • Was the roof built using the equipment and materials as stated by the specifications and plans?
  • Did the structure itself meet the codes of the ruling governing body?
  • Did the owner of the structure exercise good maintenance practices to ensure snow or water would not accumulate on thge surface of the roof or the structure itself to minimize increases to the load of the roof?

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