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Foam roofing is a energy saving durable roofing option that’s popular in the Phoenix Valley.  We offer both foam roofing repair and foam roofing installation.  It is used by both businesses and homeowners when affordability, energy savings, and lightweight roofing desired.  If your foam roof has been leaking or you are building a new structure and need a foam roofing company, we are ready to help!

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Right Way Roofing proudly offers foam roofing repair, foam roof replacement, and re-coating for damaged foam along with foam roofing installation in the Phoenix Valley

Most Flat Roofing Systems in Arizona are perfect for the scorching temperatures in Mesa, Arizona. Most roofing systems in Arizona only last around 10-15 years. Foam Roofing Systems, when properly maintained, primed, recoated, and cleaned can last up to 50 years or longer. Repairing flat foam roofing systems is also easier. While BUR (built-up roofs) and single-ply roofs must be replaced after the end of their lives, Flat Roofing Systems only need to be recoated or repaired to last indefinitely.

Foam Roofing Installation

Foam roofing installation is for both commercial and residential buildings alike.  It’s a great roofing option for the heat we experience in Arizona. Foam roofing helps insulate your structure to reduce your dependence on your ac unit.  It’s durable, lightweight and is designed to last decades!

Foam Roofing Repair

Foam roofing is durable but will need repairs with age and if damaged.  Common problems that lead to leaks and the need for foam roof repair include blistering, separation, ponding water, bad flashings, sealant layer de-laminating, puncture holes, and foam that’s not been installed or repaired correctly.

Our Foam Roofing Company in Mesa, AZ

For over 40 years, Right Way Roofing, Inc. has performed 1,000’s of foam roof repairs in Mesa, AZ. Our foam roofing company is an expert in foam roof leak detection on flat foam roofing systems.

Our Foam Roofing Services Include

  • Foam Roof Repair
  • Foam Roof Replacement
  • Foam Roof Installation
  • Foam Roof Leak Detection

Industrial, Commercial, or Residential

Foam Roofing Systems can suit all types of Roofing Structures


Foam Roof Leak Detection

We can detect your foam roof leak and provide a free foam roof repair estimate.

Foam Roofing Advantages

There are many advantages that foam roofing has over other roofing installation methods. See below.

Insulation PropertiesSPF foam roofs make great insulators for commercial roofs. When compared to other roofing systems, foam roofs produce energy savings of more than 30%. The cost of your foam roof installation is covered in 5 years with the energy savings alone.

Strongest Resistance – Spray foam roofing is very durable and can handle high winds, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

Less Weight – Foam roofing weighs less than built up roofing and single-ply roofing types. Foam roofing weighs 50lbs per square inch, single-ply roofing weights 100lbs per sq inch, and built up roofing weighs 150lbs per square inch.

Seamless Installation – Polyurethane foam roofing is first applied as a liquid, this creates a single monolithic membrane that spans the entire roof. No joints or seams in this foam roofing installation method, lessening the chance of roof leaks.

Flexibility – Foam roofing can be sprayed onto any surface, even irregular shaped roofing systems.

Low MaintenanceOnce applied, foam roofs require little to no maintenance, and with professional installation by Right Way Roofing, Inc. they can last a lifetime.

Free Foam Roof Repair & Installation Estimates

If your current foam roofing system is getting close to the end of its life, leaking, or showing signs of damage or wear, call us for a *free roof inspection. We will get our experience roof experts out to your home or business to find out what’s causing your roofing issues and provide an estimate to repair or replace it.

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