Roof Rafters Versus Roof Trusses
Written by AZ R

Roof Rafters Versus Roof Trusses

During the past fifty years roof framing has changed considerably. Trusses are now used insread of roof rafters in more than four in five new homes being built in the USA. So what are the differences? Read on to learn more!


Rafters are the traditional choice and are typically cut and assembled on the jobsite by a skilled carpenter, Usually made from framing boards that are sloped in dimensions of 2×10’s or 2×8’s connecting the ridge board to the exterior wall plates and secured at the bottom end by ceiling joists. Colalr ties are then utilized to keep therafters and roof planes in one place.

Rafters Advantages

Although not as common as they used to be because of their greater cost, there some advantages to using rafters. it is flexible and can be alterned with the structure being comrpomised allowing the creation of open spaces beneath the roof. This makes it ideal for the addition of a home office, storage or an additional bedroom. They also take a shorter lead time to prepare so if the need is great the work can be completed in more of a timely manner. They are also well suited to remote locations as transporting trusses is more complex.

Roof Trusses

Trusses are engineered lightweight unis comprising of bottom and top chords that are in turn supported by a webbing made from limber in a triangular shape.

Trusses Advantages

As they are pre-made and fit to your individual specifications, the yare far more economical than roof rafters. Although made with smaller lumber they are also very stable and extremely strong as well as being able to span distances of sixty feet! Hence, reducing the need for walls that are load bearing and permitting a floor plan that is more open in nature. It is also more eco friendly in that it uses smaller amounts of lumber and generates less wood wastage.

The Disadvantage Of Trusses

On the downside a prebuilt truss system is very heavy and not easy to transport or move into place. The webbing that provides support to the chords takes up space underneath – a disadvantage if you want to utilize the space underneath. Also once a truss system has been installed it will be very difficult and dangerous to move it and will need the services of a professional engineer.

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