How Long Do Tile Roofs Last
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Tile roofing are quite common across the US, particularly in the southwest regions, such as Payson, Arizona. The word tile can in fact, mean anywhere from cement and/or concrete to terracotta tiles, or slate stone to fiber reinforced man-made types. Whereas installing tile roofing is one of the costly options, it’s advantages usually make the added cost worth it.

Advantages of Tile Roofing in Payson, AZ

Possibly the most invaluable advantage of tile roofing is how long they last. Commonly, a cared for and well-maintained tile roof could last up to 50 years, even though there are buildings in Europe of which tile roofs have lasted for 100’s of years. Tile roofs surpass all other types of roofing materials for its long life. It doesn’t matter whether the material is concrete cement, slate, terracotta, or fiber reinforced man-made provided that routine maintenance is in place, these roof types have extremely long-life expectancy.

Apart from its attractive appeal, tile roofs are totally resistant to fire— stone doesn’t ignite. They are also highly resistant to damage, meaning reduced maintenance costs.

Tile Roofing Upkeep in Payson, Arizona

Whereas tile roofs hold up well to a lot of the intense weather conditions the southwestern region has to offer, it still can be damaged. Intense weather, cold, wind, and hail, can make tiles crack or be blown off the roof entirely. The weather conditions, time, building motion and faulty installation can cause the roofs mortar to loosen.

In shady areas, mildew and lichen can develop on the tiles, and the tile could deteriorate if the mildew and lichen isn’t removed. Furthermore, the metal basins that fasten the tiles to your roof can become oxidized because of leaves or debris, or the using of a cement type mortar. A lot of these things are rare and isolated, but they can happen.

Whereas roofing tile can last for 10’s of years, the felt underlayment typically wears out faster (20 – 40 years), and needs to be replaced to preserve your roofing system. Last but foremost, foot traffic can easily crack tiles, and a professional roofing contractor is suggested if you need any kind of roofing repair.


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