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Tile Roofing Options

Rightway Roofing offers the complete range of roof tile installation options. Firstly, it is important to decide what kind of roof tile you want to invest in. There are many options, from different looks, different rates of longevity and different costs. Whatever you choose, the experts at Rightway Roofing are here to get to do a professional job on your roofing project

Clay Roof Tile Installation

Clay roof tile installations are very popular with homeowners in Arizona and with good reason. Not only do they look good, they are long lasting and with regular maintenance should last in excess of fifty years. They are very weather resistant  but if they should break, they are easy to replace. Clay Roof tiles in numbers can be very heavy and can also break if stood on incorrectly. You can trust the professionals at Rightway Roofing to install a beautiful clay roof on your house adding value to your property with a classic, timeless look.

Ceramic Tile Roof Installation

Ceramic roof tile installation is in many ways similar to clay roof tile installation. The additional steps required in the moulding process are more expensive than the process used for clay tiles. Over time, ceramic tiles may, in certain circumstances, be more water repellent than clay but both are long lasting. The installation process is virtually identical to the process of installing clay roofs with the same caveats. The industry experts at Rightway Roofing are here to make sure your ceramic roof tile installation looks fantastic!

Concrete Tile Roof Installation

Concrete tile roof installation is a great option for people looking to maximize the value of their investment in a new roof. Concrete tiles offer a variety of looks, textures and have a Class-A fire rating. They also won’t be damaged by heat or sunlight. Concrete roof tiles are far more affordable than clay tile roofs. Rightway Roofing specializes in all styles of concrete roof, so call them today for a free estimate and enjoy the best service and quality in the business.

Spanish Roof Tile Installation

Spanish tiles resemble rows of waves that undulate with wide water courses between the tiles. They are popular in Arizona because although rain is infrequent in many parts of the state, when it does rain, the downpour is heavy. Installed correctly, these water courses, quickly move rain away from the roof. Obviously, proper installation of Spanish roof tiles in important for these benefits to be utilized to the greatest possible extent and the professionals at Rightway Roofing are here to help you by installing the your new roof. Call today for a free estimate!

Composite Tile Roof Installation

Composite roof tiles can be made, obviously enough, by many different materials that are blended and compressed together. They are easier and more economical to install that most other tile roof types and have a life expectancy of around 30-50 years but they do hold more heat in summer time than other roof tile types. Contact Rightway Roofing today to get a free quote and discuss the potential of composite tile roof installation on your property.

Copper Tile Roof Installation

Long lasting, distinctive and effective. Copper Tile Roof Installation is a specialist service requiring the skills of trained professionals such as Rightway Roofing to complete to a high standard. it is more expensive than other materials. It is available in different designs and styles and over time, it acquires a green patina loved by many homeowners. Because of the specialized nature and expense of copper roofs, you can have confidence in the experts at Rightway Roofing. Call them today for a free estimate.

Metal Tile Roof Installation

Metal tile roof installation is a fantastic choice if you are looking for a long lasting roof option. Available in many styles and colors, they can even imitate the look of shingles made from other materials. Installing a metal roof is generally more expensive than shingle roofs but when you balance that over the long-term energy savings and the durability of a metal roof, it is often the wisest financial choice. Your go to metal roof installation experts are Rightway Roofing Professionals who can install a metal roof that will compliment your property.

Sand Tile Roof Installation

Sand tile (also known as sand-cast tile) roof installation appeals to many Arizona homeowners. Not only is it made from natural materials ,color variances often occur among the tiles, giving a very attractive look especially with the architectural styles in the southwest. However, Sand Tile Roof Installation is definitely a job for the professionals at Rightway Roofing as you cannot walk on them because of their more fragile nature when excessive weight is put on the tiles.

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