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Least Expensive Roofing Materials

Roofing materials are always a costly porposition but there are mterials available to purchase nd reasonable to maintain that is installed in the proper manner will still last a very long time. Read on to learn more.


A shingle made from asphalt is the chapest option available and the roof can often cost less than $20,000 They are available in organic and non organic compounds and with their durability comes the options of many color choices. High winds and ice can impact them, however. A different option is using rolled asphalt that is then naield into position.


Metal roofs have come down considerably in cost over the years because of the materials used. Today they are made from galvanized steel which is great if you like in an area prone to hurricanes. The yare simple and quick to install as well as being both cost-effective and durable.


Red cedar is the material used to make wooden roofing shingles as it is durable, does not attract insects and does not decay in a rapid manner. There are a couple of kinds of wooden shingle. Shakes that are split as opposed to cut and standard shingles that cut using a mechanical saw. Shake shingles are the best to use for roofing and the stylee, shapes and sizes of shingles can vary.


Clay can vary widely in cost but it truly has a stunning appearance and have the bonus of being decay and mold resistant. insects cannot get in, they do not catch on fire and they last longer than wood shingles.


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