How Long Do Wood Roof Shingles Last
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As we said the average life of a wood shingle roof is thirty to forty years and a good quality proeprly-installed wood shake roof will last twenty to forty years. However the life expectancy of the roof can vary depending on some of the following factors:

  • Flashing material, installation quality, proper details
  • How the shingles were installed
  • How the wood shingle or shake roof is ventilated. For example wood shingles installed on solid plywood roof decking can be expected to have a shorter life than the same shingles installed over skip sheathing or spaced nailers that provide plenty of ventilation.
  • The pitch of the wood shingle or wood shake roof (its slope)
  • The wood shingle or wood shake grade or quality
  • The wood shingle or wood shake roof’s exposure to overhanging trees or debris that may hold water on its surface
  • The wood shingle or wood shake roof’s exposure to shade that may promote moss or lichens growth
  • The wood shingle or wood shake roof’s sun and weather exposure

Besides selecting a durable wood, the most important factor is to make a determination of its ability to dry out from both the top and the bottom when wet. Two approaches are used:

  • Create a system of spaced sheathing above the solid sheathing using vertical and horizontal battens
  • Use a breathable underlayment applied over the sheathing

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