Extending The Lifespan Of A Concrete Roof
Written by AZ R

Concrete roofs look great and are very sustainable as well as long lasting. In many cases they last longer than the building itself! Read on to learn more of how you can further increase the life expectancy of your concrete tile roof to minimize possible re-roofing.

Minimal Roof Traffic

It will be needed from time to time to inspect the roof for cleanings, seasonal inspections and suchlike, roof traffic should be minimized. You should use a bonded roofing contractor for roof inspections and any work that needs to be carried out so damage to roof tiles in minimized as well as the dangers of walking on a concrete tile roof.

Repair Broken Tiles

When you see there are broken tiles on the roof they need to be replaced quickly. If they remain unrepaired or not replaced these areas act as point of entry for water to penetrate the underlayers of the roof, causing leakage and water spots, as well as giving access to animals. If the tile is not fixed, further damage can occur and potentially result in you having to replace the entire roof, once more. Of course, it is by far the best idea to use a professional roofing contractor to do these repairs.

Careful Cleaning

In certain areas of the country concrete roofs can be susceptible to algae growth and mildew because of the climactic conditions. While the integrity of the tile is not impacted, it can limit the curb appeal of your home. In order to correctly rid your tile roof of algae, mildew or dirt, a pressure cleaner set at maximum settings are ideal to be used. The nozzle tip needs to be kept one to two feet from the surface of the tile. This will prevent any damage occuring from the pressure washing and also will maintain a safe distance for the operator. If you use an addition of a mildew inhibiting solution, it should still be ninety percent water, ten percent solution. Make sure the sidewalls and valleys of the roof because debris often assembles in those areas. Again, it is a highly recommended to use an insured and licensed professional roofing contractor or professional cleaning service to be used.

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