Winterizing A House And Roof in Payson, Arizona
Winterizing a Roof

Even in Payson, Arizona, the colder winter months can facilitate challenges to the roofing of your home. Costs for repairs can quickly escalate but those costs can be decreased with a couple of simple preventative measures. Keep reading to learn more.

Pipe Insulation

Water damage happens when the water in your water pipes freeze and then burst. Avoid flooding and a comprehensive cleaning process by guaranteeing your water pipes are well insulated with either a type of heating tape or fiberglass.

Air Leaks

If you can decrease cold air from getting into your home, your energy bills will be lower and the home, warmer. To minimize air leaks, replace or install a sweep at the bottom of the doors that lead outside and install weather stripping or apply caulk around draft prone windows.

Seal your Attic

Sealing your attic not only stops heat loss but could very well last a lot of years. Be sure the attic insulation is at least 12 inches deep and is manufactured to avoid moisture issues. If your attic poorly ventilated, water vapor created from everyday things such as bathing, cooking, and cleaning can reach the cold underside of your roof decking and start to condense. If this is not correctly addressed, moisture build-up may damage your roof decking, its insulation, and your drywall.

Insulate The Attic, Doors And Windows

Winterize your windows so that melting snow won’t enter them and lead to mold and mildew issues around your house’s windows and doors. Seal up all gaps using weather-stripping seals or apply caulking to stop moisture from entering. Stop outside air from entering the home by installing door sweeps at the base of every exterior door. They’re low cost, easy to install and can also keep dust and pests out. Additionally, stop cold air from entering your home by sealing every window gap.

Chimney And Furnace Inspection

It’s important to guarantee that your heating system is operating safely and optimally. A poorly maintained furnace creates dangerous amounts of CO2, a gas that is colorless and odorless that causes flu-like symptoms, confusion and possibly even death.  Each should be cleaned annually and inspected by a qualified professional guaranteeing safe and optimal use. It doesn’t matter if your system is electric, gas or oil, you should have it serviced annually, prior the main heating season starting.

Tree Pruning

The build-up of snow and ice can damage your trees branches. Big overhanging tree branches are that get heavy with snowfall will break off and possibly fall onto your roof. If you have a tree that is close to your home, prune back its branches and cut down low-hanging tree limbs prior to the start of the winter season. You’ll want those branches trimmed prior to the snow starting to fall. Low-hanging tree branches can also scrape against your roof, damaging your shingles.

Wind-Proofing Materials

Strong winds can cause significant damage to your house. Hinder wind damages this winter by installing permanent window shutters and/or impact resistant shingles. You might also want to think about buying steel doors, because high winds can go through other kinds of material very easily.

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