5 Tips to Prevent Roof Leaks in Payson, Arizona
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5 Tips to Prevent Roof Leaks in Payson, Arizona

If you are looking for tips to prevent your roof from leaking in Payson, Arizona, you’re not the only one, a lot of people are stepping up in the prevention of damage to their homes. A leaky roof isn’t just one of the more common repairs homeowners face, but an expensive one. Many homeowners don’t have the time, want, or skillset to get on their roof and look for problematic areas that can cause the roof to leak.

Roof Leaks Are Misleading

Tracking down roof leak is complicated as a water spot over a room in the home seldom lines up straight with the roof leak. Home owners and professional roof repair contractors alike, become investigators to track down the pathway the water follows and find where the leak is coming from. Routine roof inspections and regular maintenance helps to avoid leaks and expensive repairs.

Roof Inspection & Maintenance Areas

The initial question that needs to be answered prior to looking at commonly leaky areas is has the roof been impaired. Has there been intense weather, any pests around the home, trees that may have blown over, or maybe any cable tv or satellite installation or repairs? Any one of these may cause punctures to the roofing and be the source of leaks. It could be from missing tiles or holes pierced in the roofing and possibly the roof decking itself.

Examine Utility, Plumbing, Skylights, Chimneys

Look for anything that comes through your roof. Anything coming through the roof is a possible leak cause and naturally hinders water from flowing freely off the roof. Here are some common leak areas:

  • Cable tv or satellite installations need to be checked to guarantee they are flashed properly.
  • Chimneys are a quite common source of a leaky roof. Flashings needs to be checked together with any seals.
  • Plumbing vents are essential to your home but could be a leak source. Vent stacks need to be checked for cracks, failing flashing, and if the seals are good.
  • Skylights are an additional common leak source as the top edges competes with a lot of the water. Flashings need to be checked along with the skylights general condition.

Examine Your Gutters

The gutters on the roof play a significant role in directing water off the roof and preventing damage to the house’s foundation. Gutters need to be clear of any debris since they could be a source of leaks when rainwater has nowhere else to go. Gutters need to also be checked to guarantee they are tightly fastened and sloped so rainwater will drain properly.

Examine The Drip Edge

Whereas your drip edge may seem like just a visual item on your house, its role in pushing water away from the fascia and running off the roof is important. Meaning if there is no drip edge it could lead to a leaky roof. Lacking a drip edge, wind-driven rainwater can get into the roof and could cause the wood to rot. Additionally, your drip edges can also assist in keeping insects and pest out of your home.

Examine Attic Contents

Whereas rainwater and damaged roofs are common issues, items in attics can also be problematic such as plumbing, condensation, A/C, poor ventilation, insect, or pest infestation, and/or vent fans. Be on the notice for the following issues:

  • A lack of good ventilation making the attic collect moisture and/or heat
  • Algae marks on plywood inside the attic
  • In-take vents backed up with insulation, dust, paint, or spider webs
  • Any mold signs because it can be very dangerous
  • Insulation that is damp when there has been no rain
  • Rust or blackened rings around nails

Examine Step Flashings

A step flashing is typically installed where roofs butt-up to dormers and walls and. These areas can be problematic and need to be checked. Step flashings also need to be used to replace anywhere mastic or lower-quality sealant was used for sealing the roof.

Payson, Arizona Roof Leak Inspection & Maintenance

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