How To Cut Metal Roofing - Payson, Arizona
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Metal roofing is a terrific option for homeowners in Payson, Arizona. In order to install this roofing material, though, the metal sheets must be cut to fit onto your roof. Fortunately, cutting this material is quite easy when a few simple rules are followed.

Metal Roof Cutting Procedure

Cutting a metal roof sounds like an easy enough process, but homeowners must pay attention to details when beginning the procedure. The first thing to do is to lay the roofing sheets on a flat surface. Make sure the underside is facing upwards. Then pin the sheet in place with adjustable clamps.

Calculating the actual number of panels needed for your roof is crucial. Roof measurements, of course, are perhaps the first step in any process towards roofing repairs, replacements or installations. You will need to know how large the panels need to be and how to go about cutting them. Use a tape measurer to plan your potential panel cuts.

Lastly, prepare for any risks by putting on safety gear. Cutting metal can create a lot of dust in the air. Stay safe by putting on goggles, a mask and gloves. Go out and buy these supplies if you don’t already have them available in your home. If you’re looking to limit the dust and debris generated, then refrain from using a circular saw. This tool generally produces more debris than any other material used for cutting.

Tools For Cutting

There a few suggested tools to use when cutting metal roofing. With 29-guage metal roofing panels, a circular saw with a metal blade can be used to cut through this tough material. One issue with using this tool, though, is that it tends to cut too fast. Be careful with the speed at which you cut with the saw. Cutting too quickly can lead to paint damage on the panels. Paint damage will lead to unwanted rust in the years to come.

Metal shears are another popular tool used to perform this task. Again, cutting metal roofing with this tool is not always easy. Using metal shears can be a tedious and long process, but it offers the best and most efficient results. The last thing you want to find out is your cutting sizes are a bit off when you go to install this roofing type. Make constant short cuts with this tool. Taking the time to be efficient with this tool is very important.

If a starting point is desired, feel free to drill a small hole in the roofing material. An electric drill should work just fine. Then, use the shears to cut, using the pilot hole as a guide. If you are simply planning to cut end to end, then a pilot hole is not necessary. Hammering a nail or using a screwdriver to create a hole is effective, as well, but will take more time than an electric drill would for this process.

Cutting Steps

  • Mark the metal ahead of cutting.
  • Figure out how many panels your roof needs.
  • Put on protective gear before cutting begins.
  • Perform cutting process.

Metal Roofing In Payson, Arizona

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