Choosing A Roof Color
Written by AZ R

Choosing a Roof Color

If you are searching for how to choose the right roof color, read on, this post will give you some things to consider when thinking about roof design for your home. When you get a new roof it can completely change the appearance of your home for the better. But it is a decision you will live with for a long time, so before settling on a color scheme, consider this:

  • The best way to visualize what our roof will look like is to get some samples (many dealers will bring them to your home) so you can hold them against your existing exterior and see how they match.
  • Not all colors are available in all areas and some colors may require a special order, perhaps increasing the cost and delaying the project.
  • The color you choose may have to meet the approval of the covenant and rules of your subdivision or the Home Owners Association.
  • Choosing a non-traditional color can make a statement about your taste. Think carefully about that statement especially if it will clash with another property in the area.
  • The architectural style of your home is important to consider. A darker colored roof can make the home appear smaller, a lighter colored roof can make the home look larger.
  • You may want to think about color-coordination. if your sidings are a certain color, to have roof shingles that compliment the sidings often looks great.
  • Did you know the color of your shingles can make a difference of up to 40 degrees in the temperature in your attic? Light shingles deflect sunlight and dark shingles absorb it. Something to keep in mind depending on the prevailing climate where you live.

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