How Long Does A Metal Roof Last?
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Easily one of the greatest advantages of a metal roof is its durability. Nothing beats a steel roof for its long life. So how long does a metal roof really last though? A metal roof is usually warrantied for up to around 40 years, already a longer than a similar traditional roof, but can last up to 60 years with proper roof maintenance.

Age VS. Cost

Because of its durability, a metal roof installed on your home can easily outlast the home. The average lifespan of a metal roof is about 60 years or longer according to The Metal Construction Association.

Compare that to around 23 years for an asphalt shingle roof and around 20 years for a single-ply roof. Doubling the lifespan is itself impressive but doesn’t really address the biggest thing to deal with: cost.

A Ducker Research Company survey showed that the lifecycle cost of a metal roof averaged about 30 cents per sq ft. Again, comparing asphalt and single-ply, Ducker found the lifecycle costs for those to be 37 cents and 57 cents per sq ft respectively.

Taking the survey even further, it concluded that an asphalt roof was 38.5% of the total cost and single ply was about 19%, while metal roof cost 3.5% of the total installed cost.

Why Does Metal Roofing Have A Long Life?

As stated before, metal is a durable material, but durability by itself can’t account for longevity. A metal roof is more than a sequence of steel panels; it is a complete system entailing clips and framing members that all impact the roof’s lifespan.

Roof clips securely hold the roof panels to the structural members but leave “wiggle room” allowing panels to move with the expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes during the day and from season to season.

Further enhancements to durability can include sealants at the seams and heavy-duty fasteners. Factory punched panels ensures they align properly and mitigates the dangers of corrosion at the edges of the holes. Splices are spread out to prevent completely and points of leakage and exposed seams. Roof curbs and openings are also factory design, and the fasteners are concealed inside the curbs to eliminate the possibility for leaks.

Other Reasons For Durability

Metal is resistant to the elements, more so than asphalt and other types of traditional roofing materials. They can withstand high winds and other types of severe weather, like a monsoon, that would tear an asphalt roof apart. Metal is also impact resistant, so even a hail storm doesn’t necessarily lead to a new roof.

Metal is also resistant to fire. If lightning strikes a home with a metal roof, there is little chance that the roof will catch fire. The electrical charge is spread out over the metal. At the strike point, the metal is more than able to endure the heat of the lightning bolt.

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