Best Roof Types For Payson, Arizona
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Best Roof Types For Payson, Arizona (W/ Pictures)

While many homeowners believe tile roofing is the best roofing material type, it truly depends on where you live and your budget. Here’s a look at the best roof types for the Payson, Arizona area.

Roofing Types:

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Material Type - Types Of Roofing Materials

Metal roofing is becoming more of a popular option in the hot and dry climate of Payson. Homeowners rave about several characteristics of this roofing type. This material is energy efficient, saving you money on any utility bills. It is also extremely durable. With the ability to defend against any inclement weather, including monsoons, metal roofs can last a whole lifetime. This is a very strong material and one that will not require much maintenance at all.

Tile Roofing

Tile roofing has a timeless quality and look to it. It’s no wonder why this style remains popular throughout the great state of Arizona. Tiles are durable and very affordable for homeowners. Additionally, tiles can come in many different colors, sure to satisfy any needs. Tile roofing makes for great insulation. This style will keep your home cool during the summer and warm during the colder winter months.

Solar Roofing

Solar Roofing Material Type - Types Of Roofing Materials

Solar shingle roofing is one of the newer options in the roofing industry. Constructed with photovoltaic cells, these panels really do look like regular roofing. These shingles were first introduced back in 2005 to provide solar energy. Homeowners will certainly save a good portion of money off their electricity bills, but these installation costs for solar roofing can be hefty. Some installations can cost north of $20,000.

Shingle Roofing

Architects and contractors consistently recommend this type of roofing material. With various designs and patterns, the options are limitless for homeowners choosing shingle roofs. One of the only drawbacks to this material is it will not last forever. Eventually, this roofing will need to be replaced as wear and tear takes a toll over time. Arizona weather, specifically, can be troublesome for shingle roofs.

Foam Roofing

Foam Roofing Material Type - Types Of Roofing Materials

Foam roofing is very different from most other materials available on today’s market. The insulation is made of polyurethane foam, applied as a liquid and it creates a single sheath that covers the entire roofing area. This will eliminate the possibility of water build up altogether. Foam insulation is lightweight and consistently keeps the home cool.

Roof Repair In Payson, Arizona

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