Winterizing A House And Roof
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Even in Arizona, the cooler winter months can bring challenges to your roof and your home. Costs for repair can quickly become expensive but that can be minimized with a few simple precautionary procedures. Read on to learn more.

Pipe Insulation

Water damage results when water pipes freeze and burst. Avoid flooding and an extensive cleaning proces by ensuring your water pipes are insulated with either fiberglass or heating tape.

Air Leaks

If you can minimize cold air from entering your home, your energy bills should be lower and your home, warmer.  To reduce air leakage, replace or install the sweep at the base of your door and apply weather-stripping or caulk around drafty windows.

Seal The Attic

Sealing the attic not only avoids heat loss but can last many years. Make sure the attic insulation is 12 inches deep and is designed to avoid moisture problems. If your attic ventilation is poor, water vapor generated from bathing, cooking and cleaning can reach the cold underside of a roof deck and condense. If this isn’t properly addressed, moisture build-up could damage your roof deck, insulation and drywall.

Insulate The Attic, Doors And Windows

Winterize your windows so melting snow won’t lead to mold and mildew problems around your windows and doors. Seal up any gaps with weather-stripping seals or caulking to prevent moisture from getting in. Prevent outside air from getting inside your home by installing door sweeps at the bottom of all exterior doors. They’re inexpensive, simple to put on and can keep dust and pests out, too. Also, keep cold air out of your home by sealing window gaps.

Chimney And Furnace Inspection

It’s important to ensure that your heating system is operates safely and effectively. A poorly maintained furnace produces dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide, a colorless and odorless gas causing flu-like symptoms, confusion and even death.  Both should be annually cleaned and inspected by a qualified professional ensuring safe and efficient use. Whether you have an electric, gas or oil system, you should have it serviced yearly, before the main heating season.

Tree Pruning

When allowed to build up, snow and ice damage branches. Large overhanging tree branches are capable of getting heavy with snowfall and break and fall onto your roof. If a tree is close to your home, prune its branches and cut down any low-hanging limbs before the start of the winter. You will want to have those branches trimmed before the snow starts falling. Low-hanging branches can also scrape your roof and damage shingles.

Wind-Proofing Materials

Strong winds can be the cause of substantial damage to your property. Avoid wind damage this winter by installing wind-proofing features such as permanent window shutters and impact-resistant shingles. You may also want to consider purchasing steel doors, as high winds can tear through other types of material more easily.

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