06 May 2020

Lots of people have heard the word but do you know what it means? Read on to learn more.


In basic terms it is a support beam on a building most often seen in large projects like cathedrals and were very prevalent in Gothic style architecture. As the name suggests it abuts, supporting the structure and assisting in wall reinforcement so it can support the weight of the roofs you put on top of the building. When buildings are made from heavier materials, the buttress counters the force of the beams that want to push outwards because of the weight on them. The buttress counteracts this by pushing the beams in an inward direction. They are also designed for their good looks and are often ornately designed and carved to match the surrounding architecture.


Buttresses In Roofing

Over time buttresses have evolved as new technology has developed and at a similar pace to how roofs have evolved. Buttressing can add beauty to the design of your roof. NExt time you are downtown see the roofs that catch your attention and really compliment the overall appearance of the building. Roofs address the human purpose of designing something where before there was nothing and will stand the test of time.

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