Roof Inspection Cost In Payson 2020
Roof Inspections

The average cost for a roof inspection in the year 2020 is $326. There are several factors that can cause this price tag to either increase or decrease, though. Let’s take a look at some roofing variables in Payson, Arizona.

Types Of Roof Inspections

Homeowners can request inspection services for all sorts of different reasons. Perhaps a large storm has just passed through the area or a storm is on the way. Or, as is usually the case, a homeowner will request an inspection just for peace of mind. Knowing your roof is in good condition ensures the safety of your family. This is the most common reason why one requests an inspection.

Getting ready to buy or sell a home calls for a thorough roof inspection. These crucial inspections can alter the price of the home depending on the condition of the roof. When requested, a roof inspection can simply include a check for any leaks in and around the roofing area. Leaks can take a huge toll on utility bills. Leak repairs and insulation costs could result from any sort of leakage that occurs.

Typical Roof Inspections

Most roof inspections will include check of the underlayment, counter flashings, drip-edge flashing and shingles. The inspector will make sure all of these are installed properly and in good working condition for the longevity of your home. Most inspectors are also likely to go into your attic for a look at the underside of the roof. This area is also referred to as the decking.

All roof inspections, averaging a cost of $326, will include checks of gutters, shingles, rooftop vents and flashings. Costs will vary based on square footage for most roofing companies. Steeper roofs or ones with multiple levels will generally cost more to inspect. Additional charges may be added on due to your location. If the inspection requires a lot of travel time for the inspector, you can expect to pay around $60 extra for the service.

Roof Inspection Costs

  • Lowest price: $100
  • Highest price: $1,000
  • Average price: $326

Roof Repair In Payson, Arizona

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