Phoenix Roofing Clay Tile vs Concrete Tile
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In Phoenix, Tile Roofing is one of the best roofing options available. Arizona residents enjoy tile roofing’s great look and unmatched durability, but there is a decision to make.  Homeowners can choose between two popular tile roofing options, concrete tile, and clay tile. Both types of roofing tile have their pros and cons. Read below to learn more about concrete tile vs clay tile.

Which Is Better? Concrete Tile or Clay Tile Roofing?

To figure out which tile roofing option is best for your home there are few things you should consider. The lifespan, cost, weight, durability, and color are all variables to consider when choosing your tile roofing product. We will talk about each characteristic below.

Tile Roofing Lifespan

Both clay tile roofing and concrete tile roofing will last longer than the waterproof layer which is installed under your tile roofing. This layer is called the underlayment and will never last as long as your tile roofing.  Both types of tile roofing are rated for 50 years or more, while the underlayment should be replaced about every 15 years.

Clay Tile Lifespan: 50-60+ Years

Concrete Tile Lifespan: 50-60 Years

Clay tile roofing has the longest expected lifespan when it is cared for and walked on properly. Clay tiles can be stepped on wrong and broken or kicked out of place.

Tile Roofing Cost

The cost of each type of tile roofing depends on the brand, style, and type. Some tiles have options for better energy efficiency and better appearance. However, we can offer a range of costs for each type of tile roofing.

New Clay Tile Roof Cost: Costs per square foot range from $700 to $1,000.

New Concrete Tile Roof Cost: Costs per square foot range from $300 to $600.

The cost of each roof differs with how large the roof is and the design of the roof. For an accurate estimate of what it’ll cost to get a new tile roof installed on your home please call for a tile roofing estimate.

Tile Roofing Weight

Tile roofing lasts longer than options like shingles yet it does weigh more.  Factoring in the weight of a tile roof is your roofing professional’s job. The internal structure and how much weight it is designed to carry is a factor in choosing roofing whether you want clay tile or concrete tile roofing.

Weight per 10 foot x 10 foot section

Weight Of Clay Tile: 800 to 1,000 pounds

Weight Of Concrete Tile: 900 to 1,100 pounds

As you can see clay tile roofing weighs less than concrete tile roofing. Every homeowner considering either type of tile roofing should still work with a professional roofing company that will do the calculations to ensure the roof structure will hold the weight properly.

Tile Roofing Durability

While clay tile has a longer lifespan it is not as durable as concrete tiles. If technicians need to work on satellite dishes or other workers walk on the roof tiles can be broken or kicked out of place.  Big monsoon storms in Arizona can also blow clay tiles out of place more easily than concrete tiles. Durability is a big part of choosing a roofing option as it protects the underlayment.

Tile Roofing Color

Part of choosing new tile roofing is choosing a color that matches your home. When you choose a color you want it to stay true to the color that looks best on your home.  Also if you need to replace tiles after a storm having tiles that keep their color will avoid your roof looking mismatched.

Clay Tile Color: Typically will hold color in our sun and last longest when glazed to protect the color.

Concrete Tile Color: With our intense sun in Arizona their color will eventually fade.

Depending on the color you choose this may not be an issue. If the color you’re going for is the natural color of the material it won’t matter if it fades. However, if you are looking for the great red or orange hues that make Arizona homes look their best colorfast glazed clay tiles may be the better option.


Clay Tile Pros & Cons

Clay tiles are a favorite for many Arizona homeowners as they last longer, stay true to color, and weigh less than concrete roofing tiles.

Clay Tile Pros:

Lasts longer than concrete tile roofing

Glazing helps tiles resist color fading

Lighter than concrete tiles

Clay Tile Cons:

More costly than concrete tiles

Not as durable as concrete tiles


Concrete Tile Pros & Cons

Concrete tiles can be a great option when roofing will be walked on often or if a less expensive roofing option is preferred.

Concrete Tile Pros:

Many times will be a less costly tile roofing option

More durable than clay tile for walking and storms

Concrete Tile Cons:

Heavier than clay tile, so roof might need improvement

Color of tiles will fade over time


Phoenix Tile Roofing Repair & Installation

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