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Metal roof insulation is a great way to help with energy conservation. read on to learn more about the ideal materials to use for metal roof insulation.

Foam Batting

Foam batting is the ideal metal roof insulation. It comes in panels rather than being paper covered fiberglass and can be used inside or on the outside. This spray insulation or over rolled up insulation is great because it lays flat and can be installed in a simple manner under the metal roofing.

Lay Insulation On Paper Liner

Paper wrap is important to the health of the home by not allowing water to build up in the space between the sheathing and the metal roof. As a place where mold can quickly grow, it is important to make sure that the paper liner is placed between the insulation and the sheathing.

Installation With Staples

The quickest, way to install metal roof insulation is with 1½ inch staples. You can easily go through several sheets of insulation and know that they are secure. Another benefit of using staples is that they do not make a large hole when penetrating into the sheathing. You will also be able to remove them much easier if there are any repairs that need to be made.

Cut Panels

Before doing any work with the metal roof insulation you should have it brought up onto the roof. This reduces the need to go up and down the ladder for tools, pieces of insulation, and making measurements. Make all cuts to the foam panels on the roof for more accurate cuts and quicker placement.

Gaps Between Panels

When there are gaps, or channels, between the pieces of insulation, you allow the air to flow between each one. The gaps do not have to be more than 1/8 inch, but they are important to the health of the roof, the insulation, and the house as a whole.


One of the more popular methods of placing metal roofing on a home is to lay down purlins across the existing shingles. In this case, simply lay the insulation between the purlins. Make sure that the insulation you are using is the same thickness so that the metal roof will fit better.


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