Energy Efficient Roofs
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Energy Efficient Roofs

In the heat of a US summertime, a rooftop can become very hot, even hotter than the surrounding air! Even with great insulation, the heat stil lgets through into attics and upper floors of the building kicking the air conditioner into overtime just to keep up. The way to avoid that is a roof replacement (or treatment) with cool roofing materials that are reflective.

A roof replacement is often an expensive proposition but if your roof is letting in a lot of heat, a new roof may well pay for itself over its lifetime. A less expensive option may be to apply roof coatings that are energy efficient.

Energy Star Roofing Options

The federal Energy Star program is a helpful resource for householders when it comes to choosing roof materials that are ultra energy-efficient. These new materials can lower roof temperature by an amazing fifty degrees Fahrenheit and can reduce air conditioner demand by as much as fifteen percent.

Roof Colors

A lighter colored roof is always going to be preferential to a darker colored rood, or you might think. But there is more to it than that! Naturally, lighter colors are more heat reflective, but the material the roof is made from has a far bigger impact on the energy efficiency of the roof than the color of the roof. In general terms, an energy star roof that is darker colored will remain cooler than a lighter colored roof that is not designed with energy efficiency in mind.

Energy Efficient Roofing Materials

The most common roof covering, asphalt shingles are not at all good at reflecting heat, even when they are light in color. Surprisingly, many Energy Star qualifying roofs are made from metal as it is highly reflective despite getting very hot in summer. They also have the advantage of being very easy to install.

A tile roof is another fine option. They can be made from concrete, slate or clay. Often pre-treated to maximize their heat reflectiveness, they are sometimes treated with additional heat reflective coatings once they have been installed.

Coatings can be applied to many roofing materials. The coatings often change the appearance of the roof, however pigmented coatings to maintain the appearance are available but may be less reflective than non-pigmented coatings.

Insulation Adds Energy Efficiency

You can have the most energy efficient roof in the world but if your attic insulation is not up to par you will never have maximum efficiency and more likely have issues with heat. Attic fans can also help to encourage air circulation. It is very worthwhile when you upgrade your roof to upgrade your attic at the same time.

Remember, a dark asphalt roof absorbs heat. It is time to think about a new roof and make sure it can help pay for itself by choosing roofing materials that are energy efficient.

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