Eco Friendly Roofing Materials
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If you are considering an eco friendly roof read on to learn more about some of the different options available to you.

Every industry is seeking more eco-friendly options in their manufacturing materials and processes. The roofing industry is one of them. Consumers are becoming more aware than ever before of environmental considerations as well as the fact an eco friendly roof can provide additional value to the worth of a home.

  • A roof with a white or light color is also known as a “cool roof” since it reflects heat rays, significantly cutting down on cooling bills in the warmer months.
  • Metal shingles can be manufactured from recycled aluminum  to look like wood shake or slate roofing.
  • As the greenest roofing product, recycled shingles are created from recycled rubber, plastic or wood fiber to recreate the style of cear or slate shakes without the expense. Recycled shingle roofing has a life span of half a century or more.
  • Radial tires with steel belts are recycled creating rubber shingles covered with ground slate providing color and texture.
  • Slate or clay tiles can last in excess of one hundred years. If the slate or clay tiles are reclaimed or salvaged, they are an ideal environmentally-friendly roofing material. Many of the clay tile options are red, but there are newer, lighter-colored tiles that can create a cool roof system. Slate and clay tiles are heavy, so homeowners need to ensure that the building structure can support the weight.
  • Metal roofing is an attractive roofing option that reflects light and the sun’s rays. In addition, it is completely recyclable. Long-lasting, a standing-seam metal roof can serve for around 50 years. In the winter, ice dams are less likely to form, as snow can easily slide off of the roof, and in summer, rainwater can be collected.
  • Wood shake roofing, or shingle roofing, offers the classic appeal of wood, and can be farmed from a sustainable forest for an eco-friendly solution that can serve as an alternative to the previous manufacturing of wood shakes from slow-growing, old-growth Western cedar.

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