Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Damage?
Roof Repair

Homeowners Insurance usually covers roof damage caused by a natural disaster (although there may be deductibles to be met) and normally doesn’t cover roof damage when the cause is neglect Read on to learn more about what to expect when dealing with a damaged roof and insurance.

The hazard insurance part of your homeowner’s insurance policy usually is the place to find coverage details for roof and property damage. If the roof has not been maintained and neglected, the insurer may deny the claim. Similarly, if the roof was damaged by a flood, mudslide or earthquake, you may need additional coverage to be covered. Wind and hail damage are normally covered within the terms of a standard insurance policy but there may be separate deductibles to be paid first.

Depending on how severe the damage is, there may also be limitations and exceptions. For example, it may not be covered if the damage is just considered to be cosmetic as the claim for roof damage, as well as the deductible that has to be met, may be a higher amount than just paying for the cosmetic repair.

Insurance Deductibles

If you live in an area that is well known to get high volumes of hail and tornadoes, the more likely it is there will be separate deductibles to be met. Sometimes they can be a flat fee, but very often they are based on a percentage of the total property coverage. If you have $400,000 in property coverage, you may have to pay 1% (or $4,000) out of pocket to meet the deductible before the insurance company kicks in with payment.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are usually covered by most insurance policies if:

  • The cause of the leak was a peril covered in your policy.
  • The damage was sudden, swift and not the result of accumulation over a period of years.

Unsurprisingly, this is frequently a contentious issue, especially when it may be a surprise to the homeowner, but the insurance judges it to be the result of neglect.

Age Of Roof Factors

When completing your application, the insurance company has an insurance adjuster visit to see if any coverage adjustments are required – including the age of your roof and the quality of the roof build. Some insurers refuse coverage on a roof older than twenty years unless an inspection has been carried out. Some insurers will not write policies for roofs in the 15-20 year range, only covering the cash value. In other words, if the roof gets destroyed or damaged, the company only pays out at the rate after 20 plus years of depreciation. However, you may have little choice but to go for one of these less than ideal options, as roof replacements are expensive (often more than $25,000,) and it is better than having no homeowners insurance coverage at all.

Damage From Hurricanes

Water and wind destruction is usually covered albeit with a higher deductible. However, it is vital to understand damage from flood waters as the result of a hurricane will not be covered unless a special endorsement has been added to your policy.

Damage From Squirrels

Damage from these little critters can be expensive as well as extensive. However, dwelling coverage usually covers your home when squirrels damage the structure of your property, but it does not usually cover interior damage or personal property damage.

Impact Resistant Roofing

You can keep the costs of your insurance under control by storm-proofing the roof with the installation of impact-resistant shingles. This should help to limit the total number of claims you have to file, saving you money as well as time. An additional bonus is many insurance companies offer discounts on their policies for homeowners who invest in impact-resistant roofing.

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