Commercial Roof Replacement Costs 2024
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Commercial Roof Replacement Costs 2023

Replacing a flat roof is a significant investment for owners of commercial buildings, but one that is unavoidably needed. There are many things to think about and factors involved in each replacement situation. These, at the end of the day, determine the overall cost of your commercial roof replacement. Read below so you can get an idea of the process and cost of getting a commercial roof replacement.

Kind Of Commercial Flat Roof Getting Replaced

The kind of flat roof that is required to be removed is a huge factor in the over all price. A lot of older buildings could have Modified Bitumen or a Built-Up Roof. These are multi-layered substrates, although some MB can also be 1 layer). Removing a multi-layered substrate is more labor intensive which in turn costs more. EPDM, PVP, and TPO are, in their own way, are single-layer flat roof membranes, in which are removed easier.

Type Of Commercial Flat Roof Used To Replace The Old

Replacing your old roof is usually done when it starts to get damaged and begins to leak, possibly causing structural damage. When attempting to repair the old flat roof is not an option no longer, completely replacing it becomes your only option. This offers a great opportunity to upgrade the flat roof with a more contemporary roof or better fitting roofing.

Throughout this upgrade, there might also be some much-needed structural repairs or additional upgrades to make. These upgrades increase the overall costs. Although it’s a flat roof, it still is required to have a slight pitch, for water runoff. Throughout the years there may also be structures added to it. These should be reinforced to upgrade the added weight capacity of the flat roof structure beneath it.

MB and BUR are less costly roofing materials to use, yet they’re usually not advisable by roofing contractors for commercial buildings any longer. PVP and TPO are the ideal flat roof layers to use because of their lifespan, UV reflection, and durability, but EPDM is additionally a favorable option and slightly less costly.

Other Variables To Consider

The weather, size, and structures on flat roofs are all factors to think about when deciding on a flat roof material for replacing your old roof; these are also considerations that are going to impact the overall expense of its replacement and its installation. When the building’s roof is in a hard-to-reach location, needs specific permits, is getting replaced in inclement weather, or is in a costly location ( for instance Los Angeles) – the overall cost will increase.

What is the number of structures sticking out of your flat roof? The more structures that are required to be cut around and then sealed, the more expensive it will be. There could be the requirement of raising parts of the roof for suitable drainage, and/or drainage systems that are required to be installed on its sides. These upgrades are crucial to make, so you can avoid pooling water down the road, which is the primary issue flat roofs have.

One of the initial factors in the overall expense for the replacement of a flat roof is the size of the roof-top. The larger its square feet imprint means more materials and labor is going to be required. The cost per square feet decreases the larger the area is, however, size is still the main
determinant in cost.

General Costs Of Replacing A Flat Roof

With these variables to think about and factors listed, read on to find out what the general cost would be to replace a flat roof:

  • Removing the old flat roofing: $2-4 sq ft
  • Installation of a new flat roofing: MB and BUR: $5 average sq ft, EPDM, PVP, TPO: $7.5 average sq ft
  • General Residential Flat Roofing: $8,000+
  • General Commercial Flat Roofing: $29,000+

Taking into account the many variables that are involved, these are only typical approximate figures. The final variable is established by the contractor that you hire. It’s important to hire a contractor that specializes in commercial flat roofs since sloped and flat roofing are considerably different, in addition to residential roofing versus. Commercial roofing. Getting a flat roof contractor that specializes in commercial roofing, at the end of the day, will bring the best results and costs.

In Conclusion

The replacement of the flat roof on a commercial building is a huge investment; the total cost is going to differ subject to the specific factors of the roofing project. The best approach is to call a couple of flat roof contractors, that has knowledge of commercial building roofing, to get cost estimates and material suggestions. The less costly estimate isn’t always the ideal choice, so be sure to think about the quality and reputation of each roofing contractor.

Phoenix Valley Commercial Flat Roof Replacement

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