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Although roofing contractors work all year-round and most homeowners wait as long as they can before taking the plunge for a new roof, it is worth knowing you can save money on labor and materials by getting your roof replaced at certain times of the year. Read on to learn more about how you can minimize the expense of a new roof and still get the finest quality and service.

Obviously, the best time to have your roof replaced is when you can plan it in advance, but the reality is often a roof repair or replacement becomes of primary importance because of circumstances beyond our control. That said, there are still some questions that come to mind, for example, when is the best time of year to get a roof replacement? Will, it cost more at certain times of the year? And, what roofing company should I use?

Offseason Versus Peak Roofing Season?

Traditionally roofing companies are at their busiest in the late summer and autumnal months. On occasion, homeowners may have a wait of thirty days or so – even if they have found a reliable roofing company to do the job. This time of year is the preference because the rainy/monsoon season is over, the days are a little cooler and the weather is far more predictable. The primary concern is keeping your roof dry – as we do not want rainwater entering your home! Pricing considerations also come into play. The summer tends to bring the highest prices with the highest temperatures. prices usually increase sometime after April 1 – so it often wise for homeowners to get their roof replacement during the early spring, autumn and winter months.

Winter Roof Replacement

A great benefit of replacing a roof in winter time is nearly every roofing company will be able to do the work as they will not be too busy! When roofing companies install shingles made from an asphalt composite, manufacturers do not change their warranties based on the temperature at the time of installation. The warranty is exactly the same as any other time of year. However, new shingles need what is called thermal sealing and that can take several days, maybe even weeks when the temperatures are 40 degrees Fahrenheit or above. Another upside in this situation is the materials will be cheaper at this time of year.

Summer Roof Replacement

Undoubtedly it is one of the busiest times for roofing companies but comes with a few disadvantages you should be aware of:

  • Shingles can get damaged during installation because the pressure used in nail guns can make the shingles more susceptible to damage
  • Human traffic on the roof must also be minimized

Remember planning ahead and getting the best price from a reliable roofing contractor for a replacement is the way to go. if you realize the roof is at the end of its life span, schedule the replacement as soon as you can and be sure to sign a contract to lock in the best prices with no increase for labor and materials. If this is outside your comfort zone, at least attempt to schedule your roof replacement in the spring and early summer months, so roofing companies have time to fit you into their schedule before they get too busy.

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