How Much Does Asphalt Shingle Roof Installation Cost
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The average cost of asphalt shingle roof installation on a 3,000 square foot roof is $11,867. Costs range from $9,342 to $14,392 for the US in 2019.

Cost Breakdown

Below is a breakdown of the various costs associated with an asphalt shingle roof installation for a 3000 square foot roof, which is the average size of a house roof in the United States.

🗹 Asphalt Roof Shingles

For asphalt composition shingles (2.2 lbs per square foot, 110 mph wind resistance, UL Class A fire resistance, and a 30-year warranty) the average cost is $3,128 with costs ranging from $2,578 to $3,678 for the US in 2019.

🗹 Labor Costs

The average labor costs for installing a 3,000 square foot roof with asphalt shingles is $4,630 with costs ranging from $4,186 to $5,074 for the US in 2019.

🗹 Supplies

The average cost of supplies (such as fasteners, drip edges, basic flashing, and underlayment) is $1,096 with costs ranging from $1,025 to $1,166 for the US in 2019.

🗹 Equipment Allowance

The average equipment allowance (roof jacks, shingle cutting tools, nailer and consumable extras) cost is $69 with costs ranging from $52 to $86 for the US in 2019.

🗹 Debris Disposal

The average cost for debris disposal, (installation waste, random debris, and load and haul away costs) is $698 with costs ranging from $653 to $743 for the US in 2019.

🗹 Option: Roof Tear Off

The average cost for Roof Tear Off (remove roof paper, flashing, vent jacks, gutters, and existing roofing material) is $2,246 with costs ranging from $847 to 43,645 for the US in 2019. 

The Cost Estimate Includes:

  • Transportation and delivery to the site of the job.
  • Preparation work including the protection of existing structures.
  • Hourly charge, labor setup time and mobilization time. 

The Cost Estimate Does Not Include:

  • Sales tax on supplies and materials.
  • Inspection of permit fees.
  • Costs for removing, modifying, repairing and relocating existing framing, electrical HVAC plumbing systems and surfacing – or bringing those systems into compliance with current building codes.
  • General contractor overhead and mark up, usually in the region of 13-22% if a general contractor is supervising the project.

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