5 Tips To Prevent Roof Leaks
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If you are searching for tips to prevent roof leaks you’re not alone, many Americans are stepping up to prevent damage to their homes. A leaky roof is not just one of the most common repairs homeowners call for, but a costly one. Most homeowners don’t have the time, desire, or skill to get up on their roof and seek out the problem areas that cause leaks.

Roof Leaks Are Elusive

Tracking down roof leaks is tricky business as the spot over a room in the home rarely lines up directly with the leak in the roof. Homeowners and professional roof leak repair contractors become detectives to track the path the water follows and find the source of the leak. They say that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, and this holds true for roofing. Regular inspection and maintenance help avoid leaks and costly repairs.

Roof Inspection & Maintenance Areas

The first question that needs to be answered before checking common leak areas is whether the roof has been damaged. Was there extreme weather, any animals around the house, trees that might have dropped a branch or limb, or possibly any cable or satellite work? Any of these things can cause punctures to the roof and cause leaks. It can be from missing roofing or holes punched in your roofing and even the roof decking.

Check Utility, Plumbing, Skylights, Chimneys

Inspect anything coming through the roof. Anything that comes through your roof is a potential leak source and naturally stops water from freely flowing off the roof. These are very common leak areas:

  • Cable or satellite installations should be checked to ensure they are flashed correctly.
  • Chimneys are a very common source of roof leaks. Flashings should be checked along with any seals
  • Plumbing vents are integral to homes but can be a source of leaks. Vent stacks should be checked for cracking, bad flashing, and if they have good seals.
  • Skylights are another common source of leaks as the top edge contends with most of the water. Flashings should be checked along with the overall condition of the skylight.

Check Your Gutters

The gutters on your roof play an important role in channeling water off your roof and preventing damage to your foundation. Gutters should be kept clear of debris as they can be a source of leaks when the water has nowhere to go. Gutters should also be checked to ensure they are fastened tightly and sloped so water will drain correctly.

Check The Drip Edge

While your drip edge might seem like simply a visual item it plays an important role in keeping water away from the fascia and flowing off the roof.  This means if the drip edge is missing it can lead to roof leaks.  Without a drip edge, wind-driven rain will be able to enter the roof and can cause wood rot.  Drip edges also help keep insects and small animals out of your roof.

Check Attic Contents

While rain and damaged roofs are common problems the items in attics can also problems can start with plumbing, condensation, air conditioning, bad ventilation, insect or animal infestation, or vent fans. Watch for the following problems:

  • A lack of ventilation causes the attic to accumulate moisture or heat
  • Algae stains on the plywood inside your attic
  • Intake vents clogged with insulation, dust, paint, or spider webs
  • Any signs of mold, as it can be incredibly dangerous
  • Insulation that is wet when it hasn’t rained
  • Rust or black rings around nails

Check Step Flashings

A step flashing is commonly installed where roofs butt up to walls and dormers. These can be problem areas and should be checked. Step flashings should also be used to replace anywhere mastic or low-quality sealant was used to seal the roof.

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