20 Common Roofing Problems In Payson AZ
Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a fantastic way to conserve energy and cut down on noise pollution. That’s why many commercial buildings and homes are utilizing this roofing option lately. Here are 5 metal roof insulations tips in the Payson, AZ area.

  • Always use foam batting
  • Use staples
  • Panel gaps
  • Cut roof panels
  • Paper liner for insulation

Keep reading for full metal roof insulation tips.

Always Use Foam Batting

Foam batting is by far the best and most common material used for metal roof insulation. This form comes in panels, as opposed to paper covered fiberglass. Foam batting is convenient to use because it lays flat under the metal roofing and can be installed with ease. Additionally, this foam can be used on either the inside or outside of the sheathing.

Use Staples

Staples are surprisingly best suited to hold down metal roofing insulation. 1.5-inch staples is the recommended size to use for this task. Staples can penetrate several sheets of insulation while holding steady for long periods of time. Staples will not make large holes or dents in the insulation.

Panel Gaps

Metal roofs need to be able to breathe, as with most roofing materials. You want to allow airflow around the surface by leaving gaps between the panels. Gaps between panels are vital to the health and long-term existence of the roof.

Cut Roof Panels

So, how can a homeowner create these gaps between panels? The answer is actually quite simple. Measure out all materials before starting the process of insulation. Then, manually cut the foam panels. This will create the proper gapping and helps make the laying process much quicker and more efficient.

Paper Liner For Insulation

Forgetting or neglecting to lay down any type of paper wrap on the sheathing with the metal roofing is a common mistake for homeowners. Laying down paper wrap is a crucial step towards insulation. The paper is meant to protect the home by keeping water buildup from getting underneath the roofing.

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