Our Residential & Commercial Roof Inspection Services

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Whether you need a roof inspection or just need two shingles replaced, Right Way Roofing can help. Our dependable roofing technicians in Mesa, AZ can assist you in all of your roofing needs. We get the job done right the first with fast and dependable service.

Do I Need A Roof Inspection or Review?

If you need roofing repairs, it’s a good idea to get them completed while your roof damage is minimal. Our team of professional will diagnose any leaks in your roof and find warning signs of potential future problems. Our roof experts from Right Way can determine what work is needed. If you happen to spot of the below warning signs, ask us for a roof inspection. It’s worth it to protect your home and pockets from future damage.

*Not including Real Estate Inspections for the purpose of buying or selling your home.

Roof Warning Signs?

  • Current roofing is more than 15 years old
  • Stained or blistered ceilings or interior walls
  • Flashings are torn
  • Torn or missing shingles
  • Water strained brick or peeling paint where the roof meets the walls
  • Sagging eaves troughs

Roof Leak Inspection & Detection

When leaks are hidden and go undetected, your roof problems lowers your property value, repairs become more costly and your utilities costs increase. Making sure your roof is energy-efficient, secure and within code is the best investment you can make in your commercial property or home.

Whether you need a roof inspection in Mesa, AZ for insurance requirements, construction compliance or worried about potential safety hazards – you can rely on Right Way Roofing to give honest quotes after inspection of interior and exterior roofing.

Get Your Leak Fixed Today

Don’t let it rain another day in Mesa before you get your leaky roof fixed! If you think or are pretty sure you have a leak or a roof problem, give us a call today for a no obligation roof inspection and avoid paying thousands for repairs because of drywall damage, wood rot, structural integrity or mold issues. We will give you an evaluation that includes the general condition of your roof, where the problem areas are(if any) and an estimate to fix your roof issues.

Right Way Roofing is a Residential and Commercial Roofing Contractor located in Phoenix Arizona

Right Way Roofing is a Residential and Commercial Roofing Contractor located in Phoenix Arizona