30 Jul 2020

What Is Roof Sheathing

A roof is a multi faceted system and an important part of that is the sheathing of your roof. Read on to learn more.

What Is Sheathing?

Sheathing goes on top of the roofing structure. The sheathing is applied over the beams and trusses so the underlay and covering for the roof can go on top. It is also known as roof decking. When you see workers hauling up flat pieces of wood to the top of the roof they are more often than not installing the roof sheathing.

What Is Sheathing Constructed From?

In the US sheathing is always made from wood. Oriented strand board is very popular as well as durable and lightweight. Plywood can also be used for heavier materials such as slay, concrete or slate.

What Sheathing Do I Need?

With sheathing coming in different variations and thicknesses and the kind of roof you have. A roof that is steeper will usually have sheathing that is thinner as opposed to flatter roofs where they are more likely to be weight bearing.

Roof Repair And Replacement in Arizona

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