Best Underlayment For Tile Roofs In Arizona
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Tile Roof Underlay Lifespan

The life of your underlay beneath your tile roof can have a significant impact on the comfort of your home. But it is important to realize how long underlay remains effective for. Read on to learn more.

Understand Your Warranty

Although your beautiful tile roof may come with a lifetime warranty it does not mean the underlayment does. Yet it is the underlayment that is the most important feature in keeping your house dry. It is the workhorse of your roof in keeping your property dry while the tile acts as a sunscreen.

Different Felts

Underlayment is a felt like material and is given a number according to its effectiveness. For example, many houses a dozen or so years or more in age have #30 felt as a roof underlay. But when it is exposed to the outside elements, the felt deteriorates more quickly, one of the leading causes of roof leak. To help counteract this many contractors now use #40 felt and is often covered up to twenty years by the manufacturer #30 underlayment is only made of organic materials and when it is exposed to debris, dirt and the outdoor climate. As a result it can becomes torn, brittle and dilapidated and that also leads to roof leaking.

Other Causes Of Leaks

Roof underlayment often needs to be replaced every ten to fifteen years because leaks can occur due to some of the following reasons:

  • Lack of regular maintenance.
  • Undersized metal channels.
  • Not enough ridge and hip closure.
  • Underlayment not of a sufficient grade.
  • Tile exposure that is incorrect.
  • Installation that was incorrect.

When The Job Is Done Properly

When you get a contractor in to remedy this issue here are some of the things they may do:

  • The installation of new channel metal for the proper carriage of water.
  • Correct valley installation ensuring the correct flow of water.
  • Tiles that are secured properly with nails and in the right places on the roof.
  • Correct installation of plastic hip and ridge closure to make sure very little to zero dirt and water can get between the tile and the underlayment.

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