25 Jun 2020

Skillion roofs are often a choice for modern homes. Read on to learn more about them.

Skillion roofs, also known as mono-pitch or shed-style roofs – offer a flat roof with a twist. Here, the roof includes a visible slope, which means the roof is higher at one point to effect an efficient, practical roof with clean lines and a modern, minimalist look. For lovers of the minimalist look, skillion roofs offer an attractively streamlined appearance to one’s home. Finishes with metal, add to the modern effect, as opposed to traditional materials such as tiles. Those looking to create a sleek design or intensify architectural appeal often prefer skillion roofs.

Consumers who are eco-friendly or looking to green up their home are also drawn to skillion roofs. As opposed to other roof types, skillion roofs afford a large, sloped surface upon which owners can install solar panels. Since the panels should gain as much solar exposure as possible, the steep pitch that characterizes skillion roofs is also ideal for ensuring that exposure.

Because skillion roofs offer a long slope, they are also appealing to those seeking natural light. These roofs are ideally suited for skylights to make the most of sunlight, while also protecting the home’s interior from excessive sunlight throughout the day. The result is a perfect mix of sun exposure and shade, and in turn, natural lighting.

Another advantage of skillion roofs is their simplicity. The roof’s simple design only requires rudimentary materials and are easy to construct. Moreover, skillion roofs are easy to add to sections of a home, such as new extensions, skillion roof shed and porches, not just the entire roof.

Skillion Roof Repair & Installation in Mesa by Right Way Roofing, Inc. 

If you’re a homeowner or property manager that has a skillion roof; taking care of a skillion roof is easier than maintaining other types of roofs. The Right Way Roofing, Inc. team provides metal roof installation, maintenance, and repair. We handle roofing jobs of all sizes from simple repairs to completely installing a new skillion roof. Give us a call to get your roof repaired by calling 480-232-5458 (East Valley) or 602-299-8851 (West Valley). Learn more about metal roof installation cost in Phoenix.

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