Monsoon Season Roof Care

Getting your roof ready for the oncoming monsoon is a great idea. Read on to learn more!

Inspect Ceilings and Walls

Inspect all walls and ceilings for any visible water damage. We do not get a lot of rain here in Arizona, but inspect them just to be safe. If you have water damage inside, you need to contact a professional right away.

Roof Inspection

You will want to examine your tiles or shingles to see if there is any damage, buckling or cracking every three months or so. If there is damage you will want to repair it immediately, because any weakness in the roof could result in the tiles or shingles tearing loose when monsoon season hits.

Storm Gutters

Cleaning out your gutters to make sure they are free of any debris should be a monthly task. Accumulated water caused by a clog in the gutter could seep in and flood your roof, causing damage and even leaks.

Roof Repair in Mesa & Phoenix by Right Way Roofing, Inc. 

Your roof is what keeps your home dry during rainstorms and protects the interior of your home from leaks, mold, and mildew. If you have a roof that hasn’t been taken care of by previous owners or has been damaged talk to the roofing repair experts at Right Way Roofing, Inc.  Our roof inspection team finds the damage fast, identifies the source of leaks, and provides affordable repairs.  The repairs and replacement roofing we offer is the highest quality and longest lasting roofing solutions available.

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